Becoming a Member

Here at Edgewater, we have a community driven focus for our membership.  Our goal is to genuinely help disciple our members, not just to have higher numbers on paper.  As a result, our requirements for membership might exceed other churches you have attended.

Why be a member?

Official membership at Edgewater allows you to be nominated and elected to a position on one of Edgewater's leadership teams.  You must also be a member to lead a group Bible study; however, you do not need to be a member to join a group.  Finally, you must be an official member to vote in a Voters' Assembly.

Regardless of your membership status, you are welcome to join us for worship, groups, community activities, and Bible study.  We will care for you and help you grow, whether you are an official member or not.

How do I join?

Becoming an official member at Edgewater has three components.  First, as an appropriate group becomes available you must join a small group.  We strive to have groups to meet a wide variety of engagement levels, so don't allow that requirement to intimidate you.  Second, there are a series of devotions you can watch or read on what we believe and teach at Edgewater that you will go through in your personal devotions.  You will also meet with an existing member to discuss your thoughts and questions.  Finally, you will need to be in worship over 50% of the time.

Why is that the process?

We have these components to membership in pursuit of making disciples.  The group participation integrates you into a formative community centered on God's Word.  The devotions help you to understand what we believe, creating a foundation for discipleship.  The worship attendance further integrates you into formative community and sets you up to learn.  There is flexibility in this process, but we are always in pursuit of genuine discipleship.

Get started by talking to Pastor Josh before or after worship on Sunday!