From 1 Timothy 5

These verses pass along wisdom to the congregation that Timothy serves.  First is that the congregation should show patience and honor to those who are in need, especially the elderly and the widow.  Part of the church’s responsibility as a community is for the members to support one another as they are able – whether that is through encouragement or through material means.

This connects to the second piece of wisdom in these verses, to treat leaders in the church the honor they deserve based on good leadership.  There is a logic in some parts of the church today, especially towards pastors, that it is acceptable to underpay them because they aren’t in it for the money – as if creating hardship somehow validates their call.  Paul warns against that here, telling the congregation that “the laborer deserves his wages.” This is something that is becoming more and more evident in the American church today because of the growing pastor shortage – if one church will not pay a pastor enough to take care of his family, another one will, and the pastor can do faithful ministry in either place.

Taking these two pieces of wisdom together, the message is simple – the community of the church should take care of one another, from the lowliest member to the leadership.

Focus on God

We are reminded in these verses that God graciously puts people in our lives to help support us.

Function in Our Lives

We are encouraged to encourage and support one another as we are able.

Topics to Pray About                                                               

  • Thank God for His providence.
  • Confess to God the times where you don’t seek to take care of the people around you with your abilities.
  • Ask God to bless His church and its mission.

In His Service,

J. LeBorious